A clash between police officers and Naval officers in Calabar, Cross Rivers state Tuesday night, has resulted in the death of three police officers and a police station set ablaze by rampaging Naval officers‎.

According to reports, trouble started when a police traffic warden stopped a group of Naval officers that reportedly tried to beat the traffic light at a checkpoint opposite the Navy barracks in the Akim area of the town in the afternoon of that particular day. ‎ The Naval officers took offence at the police warden stopping them from breaking the law.

This led to a faceoff which resulted in both parties calling for reinforcement. The Naval officers took their grievance to the Akim police station where they shot sporadically and set the station ablaze. They reportedly stopped fire fighters from stopping the fire at the station. Three police officers reportedly died in the wake of the clash. Meanwhile the Naval authorities are yet to comment on the unfortunate incident.


was this necessary?

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